Everyone is so distracted these days. By what? The myriad alert sounds that emanate from our “smart” phones and such. You know, we are not so smart if we allow those little things to whip us the way they do. I sometimes feel like I’m at its beck and call. I’m on call for pretend emergencies. Enough!

And clutter distracts me. I hate you, clutter. Those papers I don’t know what to do with…

And good things distract me. There are so many opportunities! So many wonderful things to choose from. We try to do too much sometimes don’t we?

We can be distracted by work, distracted by play.

What am I being distracted from? What is it I am supposed to be doing anyway?

I should be more focused. I will be more organized. Yeah right. I’m running away!

I will close my eyes and run to God as fast as I can. I don’t have to go far. He is with me, even permeating me. Let me steep in that thought for a while… that God, infinitely big and infinitely small inhabits every cell in my body. Weird. Amazing. Overwhelming. A little scary.

But because I have entrusted my eternal whereabouts to Jesus, his Holy Spirit calls me and my earthly shell his home. When it comes to God, there’s no such thing as too good to be true.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit will distract me. But this is not something to resist. It will pop into my head that I need to contact someone or pray for someone. I’ve learned I better do it. It often turns out that they were thinking of me too, or that they really were in need of a friend right then.

This doesn’t mean that I am flaky or flighty or have ADD. It means I’m learning to discern the distraction of the Holy Spirit as different than earthly distraction. When I follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to call someone or whatever it may be, I feel fulfilled. When I follow the promptings of the alert sounds, and find myself way down some rabbit hole/worm hole on the internet, I feel violated.

The distractions of the Holy Spirit are soft whispers that beckon, beautiful. Easily overlooked. Drowned out by the din. But since they come from within, shouldn’t we be able to hear them better? It seems to take much practice and prayer and faith.

Also, the more I get to know God, the more I realize how little of Him I know, and how much more of Him there is! Infinite! And that I cannot fully know Him (here), but that I am fully known by Him who created me. “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

Dear God, please insulate me against the viral distractions that threaten to infect me. Help me to filter the enveloping noise, aural and visual. Open my eyes, ears, and heart to your beautiful distractions…



10/10/2016 5:25am

I'm an easily distracted person and I need some concentration. What do I need to do?

10/10/2016 5:25am

What do you choose as your hobby? Do you have enough time for it?

10/10/2016 5:26am

A little bit distraction from an obvious life is good thing. I go for my dreamland in books.

03/16/2017 12:14am

I love how you interpret the call of the Holy Spirit for us to be of good service to other people. There are really times where we are so full of the noise all around us that we find it heard to listen to that small voice within us. The good thing is that we still have the chance to take a break from worldly things and focus on developing our spiritual mind. Let us be humble and may the Lord help us discover what we should be doing in our lives.


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