First of all, I thank God for giving me this assignment, and for giving me the words each week to complete it. I have never wanted to be a writer, and it amuses me how God calls the unqualified to a particular task so that the message shines, not the messenger.

I also thank my husband, Richard for being so helpful with watching the boys, housework, meals, and such, so that I could spend hours at the library writing. On that note, I should thank God for Richard’s unemployment. He would not have been able to contribute so much time if he’d been working, and I don’t know how this blog would have been written otherwise. God truly does orchestrate events in unexpected and amazing ways.

Richard and I thank each of you who were with us during the time that we lost Trinity, during the twin pregnancy and after they were born, and as we forge ahead through job loss. We are beyond blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Thank you immensely for your love, support, and generosity which has taken so many forms over the years. 

Finally, I want to personally thank each of you who have read, shared, commented, “liked”, and supported The Trinity Transformation in any way. I was very compelled to share the things I’ve learned that have changed my life in the hopes that whatever darkness may be clouding someone’s perspective would be transformed into brilliant hope and peace. It was terribly frightening to put myself out there like that and to be very vulnerable to countless people in the world, but I have been so blessed by much wonderful feedback. I know this was a divine assignment, and I’m excited to see what else God may have in store. As I head to the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference May 16-19, please remember me in your prayers. I will be seeking the next phase of The Trinity Transformation – perhaps publication, perhaps a continuation of the blog with weekly inspiration, whatever God’s perfect will is. I’m not sure at this point. One thing at a time. 

Many thanks and many blessings,
Stacy Wons